What our customers are saying...

Beris, NSW - 23 Jan 2017

Dear Rachael,

Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service.  Hardly any Company seems to have this anymore and when they do it really stands out!

Also your shipping is so incredibly quick, aren’t you using camels like the others?  I know I used Express but as a rule it takes a Company a day or two to actually get the order ready to be shipped.

 I received the moving flame candles yesterday and I have to say I was blown away (no pun intended) by how incredibly life-like they are.  Quite beautiful and I look forward to purchasing the really tall ones.  Unfortunately I can think of a zillion places in mu home that simply ‘have’ to have them!

Kind regards,


Leigh, SA - 11 Oct 2016
Dear Real Safe Candles,
I wanted to write to let you know how thrilled I am with my White Rainbow Gift Set with Remote Control. I absolutely love the candles and how pretty they are and how easy they are to use. if only I’d had them in the recent South Australian power fail!!! Well, that’s why I bought them, but, also just love them for soft, gentle, peaceful atmosphere. 
Keep up the good work with a great safe product.
Kind regards,
PS…I was in the dark most of the power fail, because I am always wary of burning candles, so thanks also for helping me come to peace of mind.
Gary, NSW - 29 Nov 2014
Hi Rachael
I have just received my Votive candles. I only ordered them yesterday afternoon.
That’s what I call excellent service. The candles are great, even better than I imagined.
There is only one problem.......I am just going to be Sooo! tempted to buy some larger ones.
Great product, keep up the good work.
Theresa, VIC - 6 Jan 2014
I work in a nursing home and we cannot use candles because they set the fire alarm off.
I am thrilled with your Real Safe Candles they are just beautiful, we will use them for all of our celebrations.
I am very happy,  thank you!
Jennifer - QLD - 11 Dec 2013
Hi Rachel,
I just received in the post from you my cinnamon & coconut candle and
absolutely love it. A friend gave me a vanilla one last week too this
is where I found out about them.
I live on a boat and used to love having candles everywhere when we lived
in our house. We could not have them on our  boat for obvious reasons.
When I found out about your candles I was so thrilled and after using
them on board am absolutely rapt as they are so real!
Thanks very much.
Nancye, VIC - 16 Dec 2013


Dear Rachel,
My candles are sitting in my front window for everyone to see, I feel so happy. I have had good reports from people about them even when they are not on in the day time. Friends have told me they look cool. I show them the different features of the candles and laugh when everyone is wrapt and amazed at these magic candles.
Christmas is coming soon and so they will be sitting pretty on my window sills in the front room of my house for all to admire.
Thank you for my gift of light!
Yours faithfully,
Miranda, NSW - 20 Dec 2013
The candles are to be used outside on the balcony at my wedding reception. The will be easy for the function staff to switch on, won't cause extra heat (summer evenings can be quite hot here) and won't leave any smoke marks on the white painted iron ornamental cages that they will be in.

The candles arrived quickly in the mail and were as promised (1x pack of 9 votives + remove and 3x large pillar - gardenia). I have seen some flame less candles in Dusk and other gift shops and these are of a much higher quality and realistic appearance.
The options of stable light, flickering light and adjustable brightness are really impressive.  One thing that surprised and impressed me was that when you use the remote to switch the candles on all at the same time they all flicker at different rates so it looks very realistic. Fooled my mum actually - she thought they were real!!
One of the votives wouldn't work, however after emailing customer service I received prompt communication and resolution from the staff which is really invaluable. Fabulous products don't mean a thing if customers don't get timely support/resolution when there is an issue.
Suz, Brisbane - 26 Jul 2013
Hello Rachael!
I purchased a Designer Pearl Bowl and am delighted with your product.  The candle is so beautiful, along with the packaged box which I will use religiously to store the masterpiece.
When dining in an Italian restaurant in New Zealand, I sighted a small flameless candle on all the tables, but the staff were unaware of where they were purchased from.  I thought the concept was brilliant but can now see that your products are of much better quality.
I will enjoy my candle immensely and will be busy sharing its joy when having guests.  You can be sure I will be on-hand with your website address for anyone interested in ordering.
Again, thank you for creating such a wonderful product – it will bring much pleasure to me and anyone I can share it with.
Xavier, Sydney - 1 May 2013
Hi Rachael,
I just received the candles that I had ordered from your website and let me tell you that they are great. The quality of the candles are professional which I did not expect. Plus its great that you include batteries. I cannot recall the number of times I have been frustrated because I want to use my new product but cant due to missing batteries and have to run off to woolies to get one. 
Over the years I had bought flame-less candles and have always been disappointed due to the lack of finish or malfunctioning units within a day or two. Last but not the least, the packaging was really nice. It shows the high quality of the product.
Once again thank you for the great service.
Kind regards,


Angela, Melbourne - 5 Apr 2013
Hi mum loves her candles and hopefully I will order a set in the future because I love them too, I am speechless!!



Birgit, Melbourne - 13 Feb 2013
Dear Rachael,

I truly wish to congratulate you on your beautiful design of the Real Safe Candles.

I purchased two boxes of three various sizes each of the red candles.
These lovely candles create a lovely and safe atmosphere. I get a lot of pleasure "lighting" these candles!

Your product is just perfect and gives me a lot of pleasure!
Kind regards,
Sue, VIC - 7 Mar 2013
Fantastic service, the candles arrived very quickly and.we are looking forward to having them light up our community Hub building.
Thank you
Andrea, NSW - 4 Feb 2013

I absolutely love them and definitely will be getting more in the future.... All of our guests have commented on how real they look.

Bonnie, VIC - 3 Jan 2013

Order arrived early this morning. Thanks so much!

Can't wait to see candles all lit up. Love the Moroccan Lamp!! 

These are gifts for my daughter and friend but can't wait to order my own. 

Again, thanks for your help and expediency.

Donna, VIC - 21 Dec 2012
I just have to tell you what a great product you have, I love them and want them everywhere in my house!
Marnie, QLD - 16 Jul 2012
Hi Rachael
I bought a set of the rainbow candles about a week ago and wanted to give you some feedback.
I have been living in a small, timber worker's cottage in Spring Hill, Brisbane, for the past year.  Before my house was moved onto the site (a 100 year old removal house) 2 years ago, one of the oldest houses in Spring Hill was here, dating back to 1875.  It unfortunately burnt down beyond repair in 2005 thanks to the careless squatters who left candles burning in one of the bedrooms.  All escaped and no one was injured in the fire, thank goodness.
When I moved in a year ago, I swiftly implemented a strict "no candles" rule to avoid any further catastrophes.  Recently, after a couple of stressful weeks at work, I decided that I missed the soothing effect of candlelight and searched for candle alternatives, quickly finding your website. You have a fantastic product that I will be recommending to my friends. 
Veronica, VIC - 18 Apr 2012
I have just purchased two sets of your wonderful candles and I am in love.
They create such a wonderfully warm atmosphere and I love the fact that I can now place candles anywhere in the house my heart desires without the worry of burning it down because I have forgotten to blow them all out at the end of the night.
I purchased the Vanilla scented box of three and I found the scent was very effective yet not over powering like some other brands.
My only disappointment is that you do not, hopefully only at this point in time, have a range of tea lights in your collection. Are you going to include these in your range because if you do I will be the first in line to purchase them?
Thanks again for providing us with a wonderful Aussie product.


Emma, SA - 19 Mar 2012
Hi Rachael,
We have received our order and I have to say we are very impressed, the quality and presentation are beautiful.


Robert, VIC - 2 Feb 2012
I bought a set of vanilla scented candles two days ago in Daylesford .I love them. They blow me away. I've always loved candle light and will still use real ones for dinner, but these can be used for dinner as well, as. well every where else ! I really sense the communal warmth of a flame in these.
Diane Brown, QLD - 15 Jan 2012
I think your candles are fantastic. I was given the set of 3 vanilla and have had so many compliments that I would love to give some to my son and wife who recently have had a daughter.
Now that I have checked your website, I will now be using your candles as presents for the special people in my life. I am so impressed that I can buy ONE, or TWO or all THREE candles with remote for special occasions.
I will also be showing the candles to my Head Office as we require corporate gifts from time to time and we search for Australian designs.
Thank you,
Juanita, NSW - 12 Jan 2012
Hi, I just wanted to say a big thank you for such great friendly service and not to mention the speedy delivery. We received it at 2pm today and my brother loved his remote controlled candles. I will definitely be referring family and friends your way. Cheers Juanita
Sandy, VIC - 5 Jan 2012
I love your products and your service is excellent. I have so many of your candles and love them I have even put them in the fireplace this year and they look amazing and I get many compliments.
Suellen, VIC - 4 Jan 2012
Hi Rachael,
I have received our candles today. They are great,  thank you so much.
I would highly recommend them as a gift, I was very impressed with the boxed presentation of the Designer Collection.
The Rainbow Collection is particularly appealing for teenage bedrooms and without the risk of fire.
 I will place an order again soon!
 Thanks again Rachael,
Caron, NSW - 1 Dec 2011
Hi Rachael,
I received the candles yesterday and I love them, thankyou so much, I might have to order some more.
Conden, VIC - 25 Nov 2011
I bought 3 of your candles the other day. Just wanted to say they are FANTASTIC.
Thank you for making such an awesome product, I will be getting some more in the near future.
Cheers & well done


Helen, NSW - 10 Nov 2011
I have been using the Real Safe Candles for 3 years in my salon and highly recommend them.
Monterey Beauty Centre
Christine, NSW - 10 Nov 2011
Dear Real Safe Candles,
Many thanks for the speedy delivery of my parcel. It arrived safe and sound two days ago and the candles look great. The candles are Christmas gifts but I know they will be perfect for my daughters-in-law, who have very young children. Lighted candles are not an option with toddlers!
Kind regards,
Lorne, VIC - 29 Sep 2011
Thank you,
My order arrived this morning, many thanks for your prompt service. I will definitely use your service again when the unscented Gift Sets are available in October.
From Lorne
Elvira, NSW - 20 Sep 2011
Dear Rachael
I have received the order of my candles, the pearl bowl & the vase they are so big and lovely packed in that beautiful wooden box, they  look great.
The candles are beautiful, I always burn real candles but yours are so realistic I now use yours. Also I like to say thank for the fast delivery and congratulations on the wonderful customer service very much appreciated.
Kind Regards
Alfred, NSW - 1 Sep 2011
Hi Rachael
I am very impressed with these candles and I shall purchase more to give out as gifts. They induce a serene feeling of peace in my mind as I have them on in my room. I am sure that they will do the same for others.
Maureen, NSW - 29 Aug 2011
To the team at Real Safe Candles:
Today I took delivery of your Flameless Candles.  I am absolutely delighted with them.  The set not only lives up to the advertising but the design and  entire package is in exquisite taste.
Congratulations,   I now have a gift idea for special friends.
I was also impressed when I phoned with a querie and was answered by a 'real person' and my call was returned by Rachael almost immediately. A rare treat these days.
Michelle, NT - 26 Aug 2011
That's great service! You will pleased to know I have just had a house full of guests staying and they all loved your candles and have taken down the website.....so hopefully more orders coming!! We are in retailing ourselves so we really value when we have a customer experience that should be the benchmark, which considering this transaction has happened without one verbal interaction is fantastic and should be how internet shopping should be. Congratulations!!
Warm Regards
Megan, Norfolk Island - 22 Aug 2011
Hi Rachael,
Just wanted to let you know that my candles all arrived safe and sound.....and I am sooooo happy with them!  The best part, I have sold almost half of them today in my shop!!!!!! I set up a great display, and used most of the batteries....but it worked!   Looks like I'll be placing another order before the end of the week!!!!!  Thankyou.....
Kind regards,
Bianka, NSW - 22 Jul 2011
Hi Rachael,
I just wanted to say thank you very much for all your assistance and that I will definitely be back for more considering how helpful you are and how great the products are! I couldn't be more impressed with the candles, the customer service and the speedy delivery.
Thanks again,
Rachel, NSW - 12 May 2011
Thank you so much, they have already arrived and everyone at work loves them so I guess I'll be doing another order soon!! I'm so impressed at how fast they arrived and how realistic they are.
I took the candles home last night and my fiance got excited over how great they were and then caught himself and commented that he couldn't believe he was excited over candles! 

Assunta, VIC - 17 May 2011
I just wanted to thank you for getting my express order out to me so quickly. We had a death in the family and I wanted to be able to give the candles to various female family members by Mothers Day. Everyone is really impressed with the quality of the candles, and have asked for your details so they can place orders in the future. Thanks again, Assunta
Darlene, NSW - 4 May 2011
Amazing arrived today thank you sooooooo much they are wonderful!
Amanda Stevens, NSW - 5 May 2011
I recently placed an order with you and am so very happy with the products, I love the remote control!
Anneliese, NSW - 29 Mar 2011
Hi Rachael
Thank you very much for the candles – they really are lovely and I’ll look forward to giving them to some of my clients.
Regards - Anneliese
Tara, QLD - 29 Jan 2011
Your company has really impressed me, I have been very satisfied with each & every order, my deliveries have been prompt & the items I have purchased have always been of the highest quality & exactly what was described on the website (which I personally have found is rare when it comes to online purchases)....  But what really excited me about your company is when I ordered an incorrect item colour for a family member which I then sent back & i was shocked and overjoyed to find the correct order was sent immediately back to me by express post, at no additional cost to myself – this just blew me away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had screwed up the order, not your company, & not only did you guys rectify the problem but you PAID for MY mistake!!! 
There just isn’t enough companies like this left in the world.
To Rachael & the team please keep up the good work & much luck to you all. I will be back & I will be sure to tell the world what fantastic products you have & what an outstanding company policy you provide to your customers!!
Warm regards Tara
Alex, NSW - 29 Jan 2011
Dear Rachael, 
I just want to let you know that I received my order on Thursday 27 Jan, and the candles are beautiful.
Thank you for the fast shipment and easy transaction, I will definitely return to your store in the future! 
Dale - VIC - 12 Jan 2011
Hi again Rachael,
Bought 2 x Rainbow candles, which were delivered today. Once again thanks for your prompt dispatch. These Rainbow candles are "Fantastic", so unusual & give off plenty of light & the colours are so mesmerising.
Will be back again later this month to purchase some more candles... can't help ourselves, we are hooked on them!!
Would recommend these "Rainbow" candles to anyone who wants something different for their home. The other 2 sets of 3 candles we bought last year are all working fine & we have had quite a few good comments from friends & family who have just been overwhelmed by these candles that are so different from anything they have ever seen.
Thanks again,
Jacqui, VIC - 7 Jan 2011
Dear Sir/Madam,
My candles arrived very quickly yesterday morning and I wanted to let you know how happy I am with them and I am very impressed with your fast service. It's a great product and I will be telling others about them and also buying more in the future.
Kirby, NSW - 23 Dec 2010
Hi Rachael,
I would just like to say that these candles are the best thing ever, I have a 5 month old and they will be great once he starts moving around more, they are also great gifts for friends I will be buying more soon.
Great job,
Joan, NSW - 16 Dec 2010
Thank you so much, I've never seen such a quick response to any order ever before.
I'm sure after  give them as gifts you will get more orders, I love them.
Emma, NSW - 15 Dec 2010
Hi Rachael,
I just received my candles in the mail and I love it! I'll definitely be back for more soon.
Thank you for the prompt and efficient service.
Nest Designs
Dale, VIC - 2 Dec 2010
Dear Rachael,
We received yesterday, (01/12), 2 gift packs of unscented ivory candles and after using them last night would like to say, that we are very impressed with this product, much better than "others" in the market place.
Congratulations on an excellent product that does what they are surpossed to do, very, very impressed & very happy with them & also your very prompt dispatch of this product.
Will be back to buy some more shortly, once again "Thank You" for this product.
Joanne, NSW - 13 Nov 2010
Hi, I just received my Real Safe Candles in the Orange Blossom and they are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. I think I may be ordering more for different rooms. Love Them Love Them Love Them.
PS: My ten year old son loves the remote control
Alison, NSW - 7 Jun 2010
I use your battery candles everywhere, in my bedroom, my bathroom even the baby's nursery, they are the perfect night light!
Nicole, QLD - 1 Jun 2010
I love, love, love your flameless candles - what a brilliant idea!
Lydia, QLD - 20 May 2010
We lost power during a recent storm, it was so easy to turn on the candle and not worry about finding a match.
Karen, NSW - 21 Apr 2010
My elderly mum stopped using candles as she was afraid she would forget about them and burn the house down, not anymore.